Thursday, 26 September 2013

How to Write an Introduction for a Dissertation?

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When writing a dissertation, it is often more beneficial if a university student already has the knowledge on how to write its different parts. Typically, a dissertation is structure into five major parts, the first of which is the introduction. But how can a university student write an introduction for his dissertation?

First, a student has to provide an overview by making a brief explanation why the dissertation is being undertaken. An overview could also be provided by listing, in general, the major questions that will be answered in course of the research. After providing an overview, a student should state the problem that will be addressed in the dissertation. A student could first state the main problem in a general manner and then briefly discuss specifically what the dissertation will address as well as underlying causes and consequences of the problem. 

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Of course, a university should not forget to state the purpose of the dissertation, which is usually to acquire ample knowledge to address the main problem and other related problems. There is also a need to present research questions that aim to address problems of the dissertation. Each question is expected to address a separate problem. On top of that, there is a need to briefly state the hypothesis, which could be confirmed or disconfirmed. 

The introduction should also discuss the significance, present or future, of the dissertation. A student should write how the results or findings of the dissertation would be beneficial to current knowledge, theory or practice as well as future research. The introduction should also include a summary of the conceptual framework or theoretical foundation based from the review of literature. It is also advisable to make a brief definition of key terms used in the dissertation that readers may not understand. Of course, the student should cite in which literature the definition was derived.

Writing an introduction for a dissertation could be much easier if a university student follows the guidelines stated above. The overall success of the dissertation starts with an introduction that truly provides an academic glimpse of what will be discussed.